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In the United States, glaciers cover over 75,000 km², located in nine states, all in the Rocky Mountains or farther west, and most found in Alaska. Glaciers cover less than 1% of the country area, but still have a considerable impact on the landscape and water supply, especially in the country’s border areas. US glaciers act as reservoirs of water that endure through the summer and drought period. The continuous melting of glaciers provides a water source and stream habitat to plants and animals of the ecosystem, with many species depending on cold water temperatures for survival. Glacier meltwater also contributes to the country’s agriculture and recreational activities like boating and fishing. As glaciers disappear, local economies and livelihoods may be affected by water reduction and high demand. Wildfire and its devastating impacts are more likely to occur when the landscape has less water.

Glacier retreat 1995–2050
0mt CO2
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0M km2
Land mass

Retreat until 2050 by glacier

-99%Yosemite National Park
-71%Olympic National Park
-100%Yellowstone National Park